Important - Membership Renewals

(Saturday, 10 November 2018)

A couple of problems have recently come to light wherein members either did not know that their Annual Membership Service Fee was due, or that they believed they had paid via Internet Banking but in fact had not.

The first problem was their email: Tas Maritime has your correct email address but the Renewal Notices have not been delivered. If you have not received a Renewal and believe you should have, check your SPAM/junk folder. Some very aggressive SPAM filters have been mistakenly characterising our emails as SPAM, especially if you are a Bigpond user, and sometimes with Gmail too. One trick that should work is for you to send a test email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – because you have sent an email to us, your email application “learns” that this is a trusted address. Failing that, put into your whitelist / safe list.

The second problem occurs when a Direct Debit does not go through and you are sure you have entered the correct details as shown on the Renewal Notice. Check your statement because the amount will be credited to your account if this has happened. This especially happens with banks using Ozko 60-second payment (MyState, Bank of Me etc) which our bank cannot receive. If your bank offers the Osko option, select the other slower (2-3 days) method to make payments to Tas Maritime Radio.

Remember that you can check your current membership financial status on the website ( by selecting CHECK STATUS in the Members' Area. You can also check all your details and make changes by selecting REVIEW DETAILS. For these to work though, we must have your current email address in our database.