Northern TMR base

(Monday 18 January 2016)

Tas Maritime has now installed a VHF base station to cover the central north coastline.

This base is west of the Tamar and on a mountain ridge known as Kelly’s Lookout and is controlled from our Hobart operating centre. This base covers a large area of Bass Strait and fills in the sea area between the base stations on Flinders Island and Three Hummock Island. TMR does not transmit the 0745 sked through this station, as our colleagues at Tamar Sea Rescue already provide a weather sked near to that time. We do transmit our 1345 and 1733 skeds through this base. There is a 24 hour watch on channel 16, however.

Tas Networks made available a building for our equipment and space on the tower for antennas. Without their community spirit and helpful attitude, this facility would not have been possible.