New Name, New Branding, Extended Range

(Tuesday 1 July 2014)

From 1 July 2014 Coast Radio Hobart will be known as Tas Maritime Radio (or TMR) to better reflect TMR's overall coverage area.


Not only do we have a new name and a new logo, but this new website and extended coverage to Tasmania's rugged west coast.

From the same date VHF services will commence from two new base stations at Mt. Read and the Elliot Range. These will be added to the list of existing VHF bases at Flinders Island, Falmouth (near St.Helens), Maria Island, Mount Nelson (Hobart), Mount Mangana (South Bruny Island). TMR also accesses the repeater on Maatsuyker Island, as well as HF bases at North Bruny Island and Snug Tiers on 2, 4 and 8 MHz.

Our VHF coverage now extends from Eastern Bass Strait clockwise around the state to the far north west (see coverage diagram) 40-60 nautical miles from the coast, depending on the vessel antenna height.

Our HF coverage remains extensive and varies according to atmospheric conditions. We can reach the South Pacific, New Zealand, North Queensland and Australia's West Coast.