New Base on Maatsuyker Island

(Friday 21 July 2016)

After many years on the wish list, there is now a fully equipped VHF base station at Maatsuyker Island, with a 24/7 listening watch on channel 16.

We have worked closely with MAST on this base station project, and Maatsuyker is now a part of the network of 9 multi-channel VHF stations all around Tasmania. The existing channel 82 repeater on the island has been maintained by MAST for many years and that remains in service for vessels to use for ship to ship communication.

Maatsuyker mast and panels Considerable effort went into ensuring that the repeater and new base could co-exist without interference. There is no longer a specific weather sked for Maatsuyker on channel 82, with the TMR skeds now being conducted on CH68 at normal sked times. TMR no longer monitors this repeater.

This new remote station was a very expensive exercise as it required a major upgrade of solar panels, batteries and antenna plant as well as the radio equipment. There were multiple helicopter trips, which are never cheap. We at TMR applaud MAST’s decision to pay the big bills so this important base station could be established.

Click here to read the full history of the organisation or here to read an article published in the Hobart Mercury on 9 July 2016.