Tas Maritime Radio News

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New Working Channel

(Tuesday 28 June 2021)

Following changes made by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Tas Maritime Radio (TMR) has changed its ship/shore VHF working channel to CH66 because the ITU decided to split duplex channel 78 into two simplex channels.

Safety Camera at Marion Narrows

(Thursday 10 June 2021)

In the interests of boating safety Tas Maritime Radio (TMR) has installed a live camera at the Marion Narrows to monitor the transit of vessels and provide vision of current sea conditions.

New Waverider Buoy at Maria Island

(Tuesday 1 June 2021)

IMOS has established a new waverider buoy approximately 20km northeast of Maria Island which is providing very useful information on sea conditions on the East Coast. This buoy complements the existing West Coast waverider at Cape Sorell.