Payment Details

How to pay your Annual Membership Fee

How Much Should I Pay?

Tas Maritime Radio members pay an Annual Service Fee of $35.

Members with 2 boats pay $60 per year (so the second boat is $25).

New members pay the Annual Service Fee ($35) plus a one-time Joining Fee ($10) - $45 in all.


How Do I Know When to Renew?

Tas Maritime sends out Renewals on the first day of January, April, July and October, depending when you joined.

These are sent by email so make sure that is not blocked by your firewall or SPAM filter.

Renewals are posted to members who do not provide an email address.

If you miss your Renewal, a Reminder will be sent with the next round of Renewals by the same method as the Renewals.

If you miss the Reminder as well a Final Notice will be sent by the same method along with a copy by post.

We will make every effort to contact you and if we are unable to your membership will be cancelled.


How to Pay

There are several ways with which you can pay your Annual Service Fee.

  1. By Direct Debit through your Internet Banking.
       Account Name: TSMRG Pty Ltd
       BSB: 087-007
       Account NO: 51 614 1330
       Reference: (IMPORTANT) Enter your last name and RG number.

  2. Post a cheque or money order to:
       TSMRG Pty Lty, GPO Box 1655, Hobart 7001

  3. Pay in person with cash, cheque or money order at:
       Peter Johnston Ship Chandlers, 21 Morrison Street, Hobart 7000


Direct Debits - Avoid Fast Transfer

Most banks now offer a 'fast' or '60 second' payment service with Internet banking called Osko. This is not compatible with our account and payments usually bounce and are recredited to your account. Some banks (MyState and Bendigo Bank for instance) offer Osko as their default. If this is the case select the older slower method of payment - it does work. Make it a practice to check your statement to ensure your payment has gone through - if not it will appear in your statement the same day or the next.


Why we Need your Surname and RG number

Please make sure that the Reference you enter is your Last Name and RG number only. We need these in order to credit the payment to the correct account. Entering "Tas Maritime" or "Membership" is useless - you will probably eventually get a reminder because we will not have been able to work out that you have paid.