Tas Maritime News December 2015


Tas Maritime's VHF coverage

TasREP summary The new west coast VHF bases at Mt. Read and Elliot Range (established in a cooperative effort by Tas Maritime Radio and MAST) have been in operation for just over 5 months now and more and more mariners are taking advantage of this improved facility. The VHF coverage now extends from Port Davey in the south to Sandy Cape in the north.



TasREP summary In the October Newsletter we introduced our new Vessel Reporting Service TasREP which helps us to better record your state and position when you are undertaking a lengthy voyage, perhaps across Bass Strait or maybe for a few days or more around the Tasmanian coastline.

Tas Maritime has taken TasREP a little further so that you can book your voyage with us online. Just go to http://tasmaritime.com.au/TasREP.html to access this new facility.

You can also get information about TasREP and links to the application on the Tas Maritime website. Just look at Voyage Reporting under Services or simply look in the Members' Area.

Maatsuyker Island caretakers

TasREP summary Back in October some of the Tas Maritime crew met with Bruce and Kate Frankcombe who were the caretakers at Maatsuyker Island from February to September 2014. They kindly put together an article to launch our new Your Stories area on the Tas Maritime website.

Click here to read their article.

Bruce and Kate also left us with some fabulous photos taken during their stay on Maatsuyker, and a selection of these will soon be on the website in the Photo Gallery in the coming month.

The current Maatsuyker caretakers are David and Wendy Milne.

Your Stories

Bruce and Kate's article launched the new Your Stories in the Members' Area Members' Area of the Tas Maritime website. If you have a boating story or adventure you'd like to share with other members, write it up in Word or Notepad and include a photo or two to help tell your tale.

You can send your story and photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for inclusion on the website.


Membership Renewals

January membership renewal notices are now in the post. Don't forget to renew your membership before the boating season is upon us in full force. Note that our admin office will be closed during January so the annual registration sticker may be a bit late getting to those that wanted one.


From Davey Jones' Locker

Derek ClausBarry Claus Aaargh, me 'earties. Those two old pirates Cap'n Black Beard Barry McClaus and Dastardly Derek Blusterclaus have been spotted masquerading around the Hobart waterfront in unusual attire. If you run into one of them you'll be greeted with an "aaargh, 'appy Christmas matey" but watch out for the parrot. Aaaargh!


Merry Christmas

Santa boat

All of us here at Tas Maritime Radio want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year and, above all, safe boating.





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