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New multi-channel base at Maatsuyker Island

Maatsuyker Island
Maatsuyker Island - VHF 16
Tas Maritime and MAST have installed a new multi-channel base on Maatsuyker Island. This will provide VHF channel 16 coverage around the south coast which was previously served by the channel 82 repeater. The commissioning of this base completes multi-channel VHF coverage around the entire Tasmanian coastline. The repeater will remain for mariners to use, but Tas Maritime’s operations will move to the new base.

This means that Tas Maritime will no longer maintain a listening watch on channel 82, and the Maatsuyker skeds at 0833 and 1803 will be discontinued.

This base will become operational on Monday 18 April 2016.


New Northern Base

Low Head
Central North Coast - VHF 16
Tas Maritime has now installed a VHF base station to cover the central north coastline.

This base is west of the Tamar and on a mountain ridge just south of Beaconsfield and is controlled from our Hobart operating centre. This base covers a large area of Bass Strait and fills in the sea area between the base stations on Flinders Island and Three Hummock Island. TMR does not transmit the 0745 sked through this station, as our colleagues at Tamar Sea Rescue already conduct a sked at 0703. We do transmit our 1345 and 1733 skeds through this base and there is a 24-hour watch on channel 16.

Tas Networks made available a building for our equipment and space on the tower for antennas. Without their community spirit and helpful attitude, this facility would not have been possible.


Smithton Radio

Smithton Radio
Mary Kay at Smithton Radio
Cape Grim
Cape Grim - VHF 16
Last year technical volunteers from Tas Maritime and Telstra went to Mt Read to install a radio link to enable us to operate Mary Kay’s Smithton Radio base on Three Hummock Island. This new installation will enable Mary to have a break whenever she needs it without diminishing the safety service to mariners on the North West Coast.


VHF Coverage Map

Tas coverage map 2016
Tas Maritime VHF coverage
The above enhancements to the VHF networks controlled by Tas Maritime Radio and Smithton Radio mean that the entire Tasmanian coastline is covered by multi-channel VHF. The diagram to the left shows the coverage areas extending approximately 60nm out to sea from each base (often better, depending on the height of your vessel’s antenna and atmospheric conditions).

Note that the sked VHF working channels are indicated for each base.


New Sked Times

Sked contents
With the beginning of multi-channel operations at Maatsuyker Island comes an alteration to Tas Maritime’s sked times.

Weather forecasts and safety information will be broadcast from all locations except for the Far North West, unless we are controlling the Three Hummock Base in the absence of Mary Kay at Smithton Radio.

Skeds will be broadcast at 0733, 1345 and 1733 each day. They will be announced on VHF channel 16 and then conducted on the sked working channels shown in the coverage map above. HF frequencies remain unchanged.

Sked contents are shown in the diagram to the right.














Other News


New Radio Room – can you Help?.........

Tas Maritime Operations console
We have outgrown our little radio room in the main building at the Queens Domain. Because it is a heritage-listed building and we share it with the Radio Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania, we can’t make suitable alterations to that building. However we hope to build a new operations centre at the rear of the main building and, to keep costs down, we are seeking assistance from members with connections to the building industry who may be able to assist with services or supplying materials at minimal cost. The building, of about 86 square metres, will house a radio room, meeting/museum area, washroom, kitchen area and storage area. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Queens Domain
Queens Domain - heritage-listed site
If you have any old marine radios you don’t want, we would love to put them on display in the museum. Old double or single sideband HF radios, 27 meg radios such as the Lafayette Micro 66, Weston, GME, Sawtron 555, etc even old Radars, Echo Sounders or compasses, particularly with the history of what boat they were used on. Please contact Barry McCann on 0417 581 789 if you feel you can help out in any way.


New Hut for Mount Mangana

Chopper delivering hut
New hut being delivered to Mt. Mangana
Some two years ago Tas Fire Service approached us regarding sharing our radio site at Mt Mangana. Following lengthy negotiations a mutually beneficial agreement was reached on the basis that they provide a new hut, batteries and power source. They also agreed to maintain our antennas and coaxial feeders. This all came to fruition late in 2015 when the new hut, built by Tasbulk Containers, was flown in and our equipment transferred to the new spacious accommodation – sheer luxury compared to what we had.

The photo shows the helicopter manoeuvering the new hut into position only 900mm from the adjacent mast - pretty impressive flying given that it was not a still day!


Australian Wooden Boat Festival

TMR Tent
Tas Maritime's tent
Jenner Operating
Operations continue at WBF
We again operated from our stand at the festival with many members coming up to say hello and to meet some of our operators. Some twenty six people joined Tas Maritime Radio, some of them from visiting vessels that had used our service on the way over. As usual a great event and enjoyed by all.

Tall ships
Tall ships


A Decade of Service

Decade of service
10-year Service Award Recipients
Three TMR operators, John Parsell, Graham Kellaway and Derek Blair have passed the 10-year mark in their voluntary service to Tasmanian mariners. John and Derek were awarded with a framed certificate to commemorate their service.

Congratulations to John, Graham and Derek from all of us at Tas Maritime.

Read the full article and others at TMR News.


Tasmaritime's website

TMR web page
A recent addition to our website are two galleries of outstanding photos taken at Maatsuyker Island by former caretakers Bruce and Kate Frankcombe. Just go to the TMR website tasmaritime.com.au and look under Photo Gallery.

Since this website was launched in June 2014, we have had 54,784 visitors to the site. Traffic volume has been steadily increasing and in March 2016 there were 3289 visits – that’s an average of 106 per day.



daily log
The daily log



In June 2015 Tas Maritime introduced a new computerised database-driven logging system, TasLog. One of the side benefits of this system, apart from making our operators' tasks a lot easier, is that we can now obtain usage statistics.

June started with 939 log entries, increasing to 1779 in December. That’s a total for 7 months of 7722 entries, peaking at an average of 57 per day. In the first quarter of 2016 we have had 6702 log entries, an average of 73.6 a day.

In 2014 Tasmaritime operators handled 59 incidents, large and small, 38 in 2015 and 26 so far this year. 34 of these were Maydays.













Member Services

TasREP Voyage Reporting System

TasREP Summary screen
TasREP Summary screen
Since its introduction last year TasREP, designed by volunteer Mark Watson, has proven very popular, particularly with visiting boaties from mainland Australia that sailed over for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Some 216 vessels have used the service to date and it has proven to be a huge boost to boating safety.

If you are contemplating a trip to the mainland or further, or are simply going to spend a few weeks sailing around Tasmania’s coastline, it’s a good idea for you to book a Transit in TasREP. This provides more detailed logging of your whereabouts with the details of your travels in the same place. To find out more about TasREP, or to book your trip, go to the website and look for TasREP which is located under both Services and Members’ Area.


Membership Renewals and Reminders

Due to the increasing cost of postage and to enhance efficiency, Tas Maritime is now sending out Renewals and Reminders by email. Most members have email and we would urge those who have not informed us of their email addresses to do so.

It is important therefore for you to keep us up to date if you change your email address (there’s a lot of this going on currently with the NBN rollout). See the following section on Member Data to find out the most efficient way of informing us of that change.


New Membership Applications

Prospective members can now submit an Application for Membership via the website. If you know of anyone who wants to join, direct them to the website tasmaritime.com.au and tell them to look for Membership in the Members’ Area.


Member Data

Member Data
Your Renewal Notice or Reminder (whether it is emailed or posted) has a new feature that allows you to advise Tas Maritime of changes to your details or that of your boat. Many members have taken advantage of this already. You’ll see a line like this which is unique to each member (this one is a dummy example):

This is a link to the Tas Maritime website and the 32 numbers and letters are an encrypted code that’s needed to safeguard your data. You will need this link, along with your surname as it appears on the Renewal and your RG number. Your data will then be displayed and you can make changes which will then be checked by us before committing to the database (this takes a day or two).

There is also another method of advising us of your changes if you don’t have the renewal notice. Go to the Tas Maritime website and look for Review Details in the Members’ Area. You enter your surname and RG number and an encrypted link will be sent to the email address that’s contained the database. If that email address is incorrect, then this process won’t work: you can obtain a form in MS Word from the Forms area, note your changes and post or email it to the address shown, or just simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will update your email address so that you can use this feature.


Your Short Stories

Short Stories
Remember that the Members’ Area has a section for Your Short Stories. If you have a short story about something interesting or amusing that you encountered on one of your trips, please submit it, with pictures, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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