Using Your Radio

Using Your Radio



Man Overboard (MOB) - Mayday or Pan Pan?

This is a frequently asked question. Click the button below to view a discussion paper compiled by Sam Yousofi, manager of the Office of Maritime Communications at the Australian Maritime College, which may help you decide.



Basic Radio Procedure

Poor radio procedure not only annoys other people but can obstruct search and rescue operations in extreme cases. Good radio procedure may save your life and vessel, or someone else's life and vessel, some day.


When Trouble Strikes

Radio procedures provide for two calls to use when trouble strikes: Mayday and Pan Pan. These are are used at sea and in the air. The procedures are similar but you need to know which one to use in which situations.


Helping Others

Vessel owners are required to assist other vessels in distress if they can do so. This section shows how you should respond to a Mayday or Pan Pan, and how to send Securité safety messages.


Radio FAQs

This section answers some common questions about installing and using your marine radio.