Distress Monitoring

As Tasmania’s only official Coastal Radio Station, Tas Maritime Radio monitors VHF Channel 16 statewide 24 hours a day every day and long range high seas HF frequencies from 0700-1900 daily.

Painting: Ludolf Bakhuizen

We monitor the following Distress and Calling channels(VHF) and frequencies (HF) from 0700 to 1900 hours.

  … VHF channel 16;
  … HF frequency 4125 kHz;
  … HF frequency 6215 kHz;
  … HF frequency 8291 kHz.
We also monitor HF frequency 2524 kHz (not a formal distress frequency);


At 1900 each evening we hand control of the TMR network to Golden Electronics Security who, as a community service, monitor VHF channel 16 for urgent and emergency calls to Tas Maritime until 0700 the next morning.