A New Service for Members


If you are planning a day (or perhaps overnight) trip in coastal waters, you can now take advantage of Tas Maritime’s new vessel safety system, TasETAR.

TasETAR (ETAR = Expected Time of Arrival or Return) is principally designed to provide overdue alerts for members who voluntarily give us an ETA/R when they call in at the beginning of a day trip. Our logging system, TasLog, checks periodically to see if any vessel’s ETA/R is coming up or is in fact already overdue and pops this information up on the Operator’s screen. If you are more than 20 minutes overdue and you have not advised us of your arrival/return or of an amended ETA/R, we will:

  1. try to contact you by radio;
  2. if unsuccessful, try to contact you using your mobile phone number in our database (if you area Tas Maritime member) - we will not phone the Shore Contact/Second Owner as this could cause undue panic;
  3. if still unsuccessful and the vessel is now more than 60 minutes overdue we will refer the matter to Tasmania Police.


Note that this service is available only to members of Tas Maritime (because we have members' details on our system in the event of a distress situation). If you are not a member and wish to use TasETAR, you will need to become a TMR member (click here to see our Members’ Area).

If you do provide an ETA/R when you call in, we will assume you want us to follow up in the event that you become overdue and the above actions will apply.

If you don’t want us to follow up, don’t provide an ETA/R. TasETAR is a voluntary system for you – it’s your choice to use it or not. Make sure you let our operators know what you want.

If you do use TasETAR, remember:

  1. ALWAYS call in when you arrive at or are approaching your destination (if, for some reason, it is not possible to radio in, phone us on 6231 2276 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and advise us of your arrival).
  2. If you know you will be delayed, let us know and we’ll reset the ETA/R for you.


TasETAR is intended for short day trips, particularly fishing trips out to the continental shelf and back, although you can provide an ETA/R for a future date under some circumstances. If you are taking a longer trip around the coast or to the mainland, use TMR’s comprehensive TasREP system which provides more concentrated logging that is specific to your trip. For more about TasREP or to book a trip, click here.