Members' Area

Members' Area

Marina Admiral, Opatija



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You can check your membership status from the Tas Maritime database.

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You can now review your membership details online and, if necessary, request changes. This is handy if your email address or other details have changed, or you have a new boat.

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If you are planning an extended voyage, such as across Bass Strait or the Tasman Sea, you can ask Tas Maritime to set up a Transit Sheet to log your progress.

Whilst you are on your voyage we will update our records with your progress.

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If you are planning a day (or perhaps overnight) trip in coastal waters, you can now take advantage of Tas Maritime’s new vessel safety system, TasETAR.



These are your short stories: things that happened while cruising or interesting places you visited.

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In this area you will be able to download various forms relating to membership.


Long before we became Tas Maritime Radio, Tasmanian mariners were able to join our Radio Group which provided a means of communication in times of distress or when something went wrong causing a delay. That's no different today.

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