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We at Tas Maritime Radio try to do a good job looking after the safety of Tasmanian mariners and it is nice to hear positive comments from our members and others that reinforce our efforts.

This a collection of comments that have come to our attention.


Do you own a boat and do you live in Tasmania? Why not consider joining Tas Maritime Radio? Membership is affordable and provides valuable safety services for Tasmanian mariners.

Facebook post by TARfish


Yes these guys do a brilliant job right around the state. They also support Tasmanian gamefishing via radio relay assistance to our competitions and off shore boating. It’s a critically important part of the safety management measures. Please support them.

JE, commmenting on the TARfish post


Great idea. You get a “call sign” & TMR have your personal details including who to call in the event you get into trouble! You also get up to date & reliable weather scheds. They do a great job!

GM, commmenting on the TARfish post


As a Tasmanian I am proud of our Tasmanian services. TMR does more than its best.

IR, TMR member


As usual your service is excellent.

BS, TMR member


Thanks for your great service. Tasmania has the best maritime radio service in Australia - and the best boating!!!

AH, TMR member


Keep up the good work, it’s a fantastic service Tas Maritime Radio provides.

CD, TMR member


I live in Brisbane and joined for last year's VDLC. I am happy to let my membership lapse but will rejoin if I come back for another VDLC. I think your operators are on the ball and do a great job. I am happy to support Tas Maritime when I am next in Tasmania.

HB, former TMR member


Thanks for the superb and ever expanding radio coverage over many years.

BW, TMR member


Thank you for your splendid service which we appreciate greatly.

JD, TMR member


I am so impressed with the services Tas Maritime provides, always increasing, what a fantastic bunch of volunteers.

JJ, TMR member


I have not owned a boat for a very long time and now seems the time to vacate my registration as I have no intention of buying another. I am most grateful for the company of Tas Maritime in the past and have continued paying dues in appreciation, although I have not had use for the service for many years. I wish you wonderful people all the best in continuing this very valuable service.

RJ, former TMR member


I'm from WA and think that the service provided by Tas Maritime is outstanding and we appreciate it very much.

MM, visitor


My sincerest thanks for both the efforts of all those volunteering their time and providing such a professional service, from the days of Len Bonnitcha onwards (last century now), and also for the impressive infrastructure Tas Maritime and its sponsors have built in the interests of maritime safety over the years.

AH, TMR member